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International cooperation

Nowadays the development of the international activities of the faculty is represented by the realization of educational and scientific projects together with colleagues from different foreign countries.
The priority trend of educational activities is enrolment of foreign applicants on different divisions. Bachelor, specialist, master and PhD courses are applied. Moreover the faculty welcomes foreign specialists to take their scientific training.
The Faculty of Geography supports student exchange programmes with several universities and research centers abroad. According to these programmes, many students of our faculty undertake an internship abroad. The length of such internships may vary from 1-2 months to the whole year. The Faculty of Geography takes part in European Union programme Erasmus Mundus. Our most active partners are: the University of Helsinki, Humboldt University of Berlin, University of Beijing, Harbin Institute of Technology, Delft University of Technology, University of Cambridge, Philipps University of Marburg etc.

The faculty of Geography is one of the most active participants of the Italian-Russian institute of ecological education and research (Istituto Italo Russo di Formazione e Ricerche Ecologiche). Work of this institute is based on the agreement that was signed in 1999 by the rectors of 10 Russian and Italian universities. Special scientific schools are organized annually on the territory of Russia and Italy, where students and PhD candidates from the faculty take part. Also our scientists participate in round-table discussions and seminars.
The Faculty contributes to international research through collaborations with international organizations Participation of our scientists in UNEP Global Ecological Perspective project as well as in a number of WWF and World Bank projects have been among the most relevant activities of this type. The scientists of the Faculty take part in Tempus projects (e.g. Development of qualification framework in meteorology etc.), in the work of the FP7 projects (e.g. MEGAPOLI etc.). Representatives of different departments actively participate in International Geographical Congresses
The project MEGAPOLI (Megacities: Emissions, urban, regional and Global Atmospheric Pollution and climate effect, and Integrated tools for assessment and mitigation) is a global scientific project that involves a lot of scientists from 14 European countries and consists of 65 persons and 31 organizations.

Relations with different Universities are permanently developing. Our main partners in international collaboration are as follows:
Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin (Germany)
Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (Germany)
Universität Stuttgart (Germany)
Uni Mannheim (Germany)
Rijks-universiteit te Utrecht (the Netherlands)
Technische Universiteit Delft (the Netherlands)
University of Ghent (Belgium)
Univérsity of Cámbridge (UK)
University of Plymouth (UK)
Helsingin yliopisto - University of Helsinki (Finland)
Uniwersytet Warszawski (Poland)
Uniwersytet Torunski (Poland)
Karlova Univerzita (Czechia)
- University of Sophia (Bulgaria)
北京大學 - Pekinese University (China)
Mongolian University of Science and Technology
Universidad de La Habana University of Havana (Cuba)
University of Sao Paolo
Also there are agreements with other universities of Poland, Ukraine, Thailand, Hungary, Norway, UK, Slovakia, China, Switzerland, Tadzhikistan, Austria, Belorussia, Italy, Bulgaria, USA, Kirghizia,Germany.
The Faculty of Geography is involved in many educational and scientific projects that are regulated by general agreements between universities. You could get information on this subject on the web-site of International Relations Office of Moscow State University http://www.ied.msu.ru/.
Each year large international conferences on different subjects are organized. The latest significant events were the Seminar on education for sustainable development for sub-regions of Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, and Central Asia; the International Symposium on River Sedimentation; the Russian-Finnish seminar Climate change and environment.

Another aspect of international activity of the Faculty is the participation in international grants of the Russian Foundation for Basic Research. Our scientists are involved in the projects with Chinese, American, French, Dutch, Finnish researchers on the problems of climate change, hazard processes, environment etc.
Very important component of international work of the faculty is spread of the scientific results of our researchers. The representatives of the Faculty regularly participate in the international conferences, symposiums and seminars take part in multinational research projects and give lectures at foreign universities. The leading scientists are honorary members of various international organizations. Many of the members of the academic staff are prize-winners who receive grants from Russian and international research organizations.
An access of our scientists to the international scientific magazines promotes the expansion of Russian science in the world. In association with the Institute of Geography of Russian Academy of Science the Faculty publish an English-language magazine GEOGRAPHY, ENVIRONMENT, SUSTAINABILITY (http://www.geogr.msu.ru/structure/GESJournal/)

For further information please contact: Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography, Department of International Relations, 18th floor, room 1806-A.
E-mail: geogr.msu@mail.ru

Tel.: +7(495) 939-15-52


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