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Postgraduate study

Many students who have graduated from the Faculty choose to continue their studies. During the three-year program, Ph.D. students conduct research projects and write Ph.D. theses. The students work under the supervision of a professor. Additionally, PhD students must provide teaching themselves There are both on-site and off-site training. Russians, that have an education at university level, are allowed to study on government-sponsored places. Foreigners can receive only rental education, they have to conclude a contract with the faculty.

Available PhD specialties (categories) are as follows:

  • 25.00.23 – Physical Geography and Biogeography, Landscape Geochemistry and Soil Geography
  • 25.00.24 – Economic, Social and Political Geography
  • 25.00.25 – Geomorphology and Evolutional Geography
  • 25.00.27 – Hydrology, Water Resources, Hydrochemistry
  • 25.00.28 – Oceanology
  • 25.00.30 – Meteorology, Climatology and Agricultural Meteorology
  • 25.00.31 – Cryolithology and Glaciology of the Earth
  • 25.00.33 – Cartography
  • 25.00.35 – Geoinformatics
  • 25.00.36 – Geoecology


To begin studying, Specialist’s and Master’s Degree holders need to pass three exams: 

  • Chosen category (specialty)
  • Philosophy
  • Foreign language


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