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Part-time cources

Part-time courses (continuing education) aim to upgrade students’ qualifications, to enlarge professional attainments and experiences. This education includes practical trainings, master’s classes, lecture courses.
The focus is made on the most relevant topics, such as environmental management, sustainable development, urban geography, tourism and information technologies.
The most distinctive features of part-time courses offered by the Faculty are as follows:
• Comprehensive approach to education
• Presence of both theoretical and practical courses
• Compilation of individual schedule of training
• Organization of practical trainings and workshops
• Availability of international certificates
• Assistance in finding a job.


Wide range of environmental and geographical courses: 16 BA and 15 MA programmes in Geography, Hydrometeorology, Cartography and Geoinformatics, Ecology and Environmental Management, Tourizm.More 

Intensive short courses (1-2 months) in tourism, hydrometeorology etc. The courses are managed by leading scientists. In Russian language.More 

International programme in Natural Resource Management and Law offers a unique combination of Natural and Environmental Sciences and Science of Law.More