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Vestnik MGU. Series 5. Geography

Moscow University Vestnik. Series 5. Geography
The journal was found in November 1946. Six issues per year are published.
ISSN 0579-9414
ISSN 0201-7385
Hard copies of the journal are distributed only by subscriptions (subscription index in the “Rospechat” catalogue 70996, in the “Pressa Rossii” cataloge 34143)

The journal highlights the input of researchers- geographers into the progress of theory, methodology and methods of geographical science. It presents the results of scientific studies, covers the achievements and problems of higher education, deals with research activities of the Faculty, as well as international conferences and symposia attended by researchers of the MSU Faculty of Geography. Reviews of scientific monographs, textbooks and manuals are also published in the journal.

Publications in the Vestnik are recognized by the Higher Attestation Commission for defending PhD and doctorate theses. The journal is included in Russian (eLibrary) and International (Scopus) systems of citing.


S.A. Dobrolubov, doctor of science, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor (Deputy Editor-in-chief) http://istina.msu.ru/profile/dobroscience/
V.S. Tikunov, doctor of science, professor (Deputy Editor-in-chief) http://istina.msu.ru/profile/TikunovVS/
T.A. Yanina, doctor of science (Secretary-General) http://istina.msu.ru/profile/tyanina/
A.I. Alekseev, doctor of science, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/alival/
S.I. Bolysov, doctor of science, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/Sibol/
K.N. D’yakonov, doctor of science, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/DiakonovKN/ 
A.N. Gennadiyev, doctor of science, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/agennadi/
V.Yu. Ivanov, professor (Michigan University, USA)
N.S. Kasimov, doctor of science, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/Kasimov/
A.V. Kislov, doctor of science, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/AlexanderKislov/
V.A. Kolosov, doctor of science, professor http://www.igras.ru/staff/66
K.P. Koltermann, professor http://istina.msu.ru/workers/5832532/
M. Konecný, professor (Masaryk University, Faculty of Science, Czech Republic) http://www.muni.cz/sci/people/1927
V.N. Konishchev, doctor of science, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/vkonishchev/
S.B. Kroonenberg, professor (Delft University of Technology, Department of Applied Earth Sciences, Netherlands) http://www.salomonkroonenberg.nl/english/personal.html
S.M. Malkhazova, doctor of science, professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/Malkhazova/
G. Mouri, professor (University of Tokyo, Japan) http://www.iis.u-tokyo.ac.jp/cgi/teacher.cgi?prof_id=mouri&eng
V.E. Shuvalov, candidate of science, associate professor http://istina.msu.ru/profile/veshuvalov/
P.E. Tarasov, professor (Free Berlin University, Germany) http://www.geo.fu-berlin.de/geol/fachrichtungen/pal/mitarbeiter/00_akademischer-mittelbau/tarasov
V.V. Yanko-Khombach, doctor of science, professor (Avalon Institute of Applied Sciences, Winnipeg, Canada) http://www.avalon-institute.org/;http://onu.edu.ua/ru/structure/faculty/ggf/geo_sea/staff/yanko
S.S. Zilitinkevich, doctor of science, professor (Finnish Meteorological Institute, Finland) http://www.geogr.msu.ru/structure/Zeneva/teachers/zilitinkevich/;http://www.planetlab.unn.ru/scientist_1.php
Ī.G. Zolina, professor (G. Fourier University, Grenoble, France) www.olgazolina.com/docs/

A.E. Lyustikh (senior editor)

The editorial board is based on the Russian (http://publicet.org/code/) and international (http://publicationethics.org/international-standards-editors-and-authors) documents on ethics of scientific publications.

The founders of journal are Lomonosov Moscow State University and Faculty of Geography.
The publisher of journal is Publishing House of the Moscow University (125009 Moscow, B. Nikitskaya str., 5/7,
+7 495 629 50 91)

Vestnik editors office
Faculty of Geography
Lomonosov Moscow State University
GSP-1, Leninskiye Gory
Moscow 119991
+7(495) 939 29 23; e-mail: vestnik_geography@mail.ru


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