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Nataliya Belova



Education (university name, graduation year) Department of Cryolithology and Glaciology at the Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University, 2007
Academic degree Ph.D., 2012
Academic rank -
Work experience 

Since 2006 - an employee of the Research Laboratory of Geoecology of the North, Faculty of Geography, Moscow State University

Research interests Massive ice beds, ground ice, cryogenic structure, Arctic paleoenvironment in Pleistocene, permafrost dynamics, arctic coastal dynamics
Ph.D. topic  

Massive ice beds of the south-western coast of the Kara Sea

Main teacher at the course of V.I. Solomatin "Underground glaciation: physics and geography", department of Cryolithology and Glaciology, Master students of 2 yr.

Second teacher at the course of Yu.B. Badu "Cryolithology", department of Cryolithology and Glaciology, Bachelor students of 3 yr. (25%  of the course)

Regions of filed studies
Western and Central Yamal Peninsula, Yugorskiy Peninsula, New Siberian Islands, Eastern Chukotka 
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Belova N.G. Massive ice beds of the south-western coast of the Kara Sea. oscow, MAKS Press, 2014 (in Russian)

Current projects: 

Previous projects:

Head of the RFBR project No. 16-35-60099 mol_a_dk "The role of ground ice in the dynamics of thermoabrasive coasts of the Kara Sea" (2016-2018 .)

Head of the RFBR project No.12-05-31442 mol_ "Massive ice beds formation conditions as an indicator of the paleogeographic situation in the Pleistocene" (2012-2013 .)

European Academy of Young Scientist Competition Award 2017 (Earth Sciences)

Contact details 1, Leninskiye Gory,
Moscow 119991 Russia
Tel.: +7(495)9392526
Fax: +7(495)9328836
e-mail: belova@geogr.msu.ru


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