Faculty of geography
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Research staff

Acting head of laboratory:

Ogorodov, S.A. (Arctic Coastal Dynamics), Doctor of Geography, Professor of RAS

Leading research fellows: 

Fedorov, V.M. (Climate Dynamics, Ice Mass Balance), PhD 
Vasil’chuk, A.K. (Palynology, Geoecology of North), Doctor of Geography 

Senior research fellows: 
Velikotskiy, M.A. (Cryolitology, Cryogenic Processes), PhD 
Kokin, O.V. (Polar Geomorphology, Glaciology), PhD 
Marakhtanov, V.P.(Permafrost Geosystems Dynamics), PhD 
Maslakov A.A. (Active Layer Monitoring, Coastal Dynamics, Geocryology), PhD
Romanenko, F.A. (Arctic Geomorphology and Paleogeography), PhD 

Research fellows: 
Aleksyutina D.M. (Coastal Dynamics, Geocryology), PhD
Baranskaya, A.V. (Coastal Geomorphology and Neotectonic) 
Belova, N.G. (Massive Ground Ice), PhD 
Ermolov, A.A. (Coastal Geomorphology), PhD 
Shilova, O.S. (Arctic Paleogeography, Palynology), PhD 
Shabanova, N.N. (Climate of Northern Seas) 

Abramova, A.S.
Arkhipov, V.V.
Kamalov, A.M.
Maznev S.V.
Mikhalev, D.V. (Isotopic Geocryology, Paleogeography), PhD 
Novikova A.V.
Skripchinskaya, E.A.
Vergun, A.P.

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