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The Natural Risk Assessment Laboratory

The Natural Risk Assessment Laboratory NRAL was established at the Faculty of Geography of MSU in November 2010 under the order P220 and with the Russian Government grant No. 11.G34.31.007 for the state support of scientific research led by eminent scientists in Russian institutions of higher education. It addresses the scientific problems of risk assessments of ocean related extreme events in the coastal zone.

Head of Natural Risk Assessment Laboratory - Professor Dr.K. Peter Koltermann, expert in the area of water masses and transports in the North Atlantic and tsunami. Led a number of international ocean and climate programmes, including The World Ocean Circulation Experiments, WOCE. Former Director at the German Maritime Agency in Hamburg, former head of the Tsunami Union of the IOC UNESCO. Spent over 2 years on research cruises in the Atlantic and Polar Oceans. Has worked closely with Russian scientists for over 20 years.

The major objectives of NRAL are:
• to perform high-profile multidisciplinary research of the mechanisms controlling natural hazards, including climate change, global and regional atmospheric dynamics, ocean-related processes, surface hydrology, soil and ground water geochemistry and cryosphere-related phenomena;
• to comprehensively study, analyse and evaluate the impacts of different extreme events on the regional environment, soil vegetation potential, biogeochemistry balances, water management and economic infrastructure;
• to develop assessments of risk of different natural hazards under present and future climate conditions and associated strategies for managing and mitigating projected risk to avert disasters to the benefit of all stakeholders.


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