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   Today 22 June / Tuesday /bottom week

International conference «Bringing together Selenga-Baikal research”

S. Chalov, E. Belozerova, I.Nikolaev Water and sediment fluxes in transboundary Selenga river basin

S.Bazha, P.Gunin, Ch.Dugarzav  Ecosystem Approach for studying biodiversity in the Selenga basin

J.Jarsjö, J.Thorslund Quantifying water-borne spreading of elements in the Lake Baikal Basin

D.Karthe, P.Theuring Environmental monitoring as the scientific basis of an Integrated Water Resources Management in the Kharaa River Basin

N.Kasimov Environmental state of aquatic systems in the Selenga River basin

N.Kosheleva, O.Sorokina, D.Dorjgotov Hot spot assessment in the Selenga river basin

U.Lemmin ULM project and associated infrared remote sensing and ground truthing in Baikal lake area

B.Muller, M.Sturm, E.Vologina  Biogeochemical research at Lake Baikal

C.Opp Land use caused water Contamination Analysis, prevention and self-purification potentials (LUCWACa-psp) within the Selenga-Baikal research (Status quo analysis and proposals for a sustainable and integrated land use and water management in the Baikal Region)

A.Shehovtsov Aquatic research by UNDP project “Integrated Natural Resource Management in the Baikal Basin Transboundary Ecosystem”

A.Tulukhonov Objects, results and mechanisms of the international cooperation in studies of the Selenga river and Baikal lake

A. Wuest Lake Baikal – deep water stratification and mixing

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