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Since 2010, monthly newsletter «RUSSIAN SUSTAINABILITY NewsLETTER» is publishing as a subproject in a frame of the Russian-Swedish project on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD). The purpose of the publication is to ensure English-speaking reader the operational details of important events in the field of environmental policy in Russia, as well as other events related to sustainable development. In other words, this newsletter is intended to make a modern environmental policy, Russia more transparent and understandable for foreign experts.

The sources of materials are official publications (web and traditional) of Russian authorities, ministries and departments, NGOs and private information of participants of the Russian-Swedish project. Initially, the ideological foundations of the publication were the following principles: efficiency, relevance, objectivity and reliability of the published information, the simplicity and brevity of the format. The format and scope of publications to date have developed, but they can be corrected in the interest of the reader.

Newsletter is designed primarily for the Swedish ESD project partners - university staff, the Ministry of Environment of Sweden, the Swedish Environmental Protection (SEPA) and other departments and institutions in Sweden, involved in issues of sustainable development and ESD. In this regard, special attention is paid to the publication of the North-West Federal District - border with Scandinavia. Proceedings of the bulletin may also be of interest to colleagues from other countries who are interested in contemporary ecological policy of Russia in the broad context of sustainable development issues of our country.

Administration of the publication is grateful to Mr. Åke Mikaelsson, Swedish Programme Coordinator for Russia in environmental protection (SEPA), Dr. Sven-Erik Osterlund, coordinator of the Russian-Swedish project on ESD (Lulea University of Technology) for their assistance and practical help in the implementation of this sub-project, and Mrs. Ann-Sofie Gyllenhaal to ensure adequate quality of language and style of the English edition. We are also grateful to the site administrator of the Geographic Department of the Moscow State University Dr. Natalya Orlova for her active assistance in the submission bulletin on this site.

«RUSSIAN SUSTAINABILITY NewsLETTER » issues, beginning from that of the January 2011 issue, are available on this site.

Yuri Mazurov,
subproject coordinator

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