Faculty of geography
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Interdisciplinary seminars

There are two main interdisciplinary seminars on the faculty: Cultural Landscape and Global Changes of the Environment.

Cultural Landscape
First one works in the Committee of Cultural Geography of Russian Geographical Society. The seminar is devoted to the problem of the development of human-geographical researches. Start-up of the seminar was in 1993. Now it takes place in Moscow State University every 2-3- months. Directors of the seminar are staff members of the geography faculty: PhD Vladimir N. Kalutskov and PhD Tatiana M. Krasovskaya.

119991 Russian Federation, Moscow, GSP-1, Leninskie gory, Faculty of Geography.
Telephone: (495) 939-22-24 – T.M. Krasovskaya
e-mail: geogrprof@geogr.msu.ru

Global Changes of the Environment
Seminar was found on the geography faculty in 1997 and is aimed on comprehensive investigation of global changes of the natural processes. The director of the seminar is PhD Rudolf K. Klige. The main investigation of the seminar concerns ecological problems.


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