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Field courses for second year students

After the second year of studying students of each department have a specialized training, that is organized by the department and lasts for 11 weeks. The purpose of this training is to acquire methods of concrete branch of geography. Most of training is devoted to field studies; other part is underway in Moscow, when students write the report. Field part of training may take place on one or several stations, or that may be bus or railway route. The most typical places of training of different departments are as follow:
• Department of Biogeography: Biological research station in Utrish; Arkhangelsk
• Department of Geomorphology and Paleogeography: Khibiny station; Biological station on White Sea
• Department of Geography of World Economy: bus-railway route in different regions of Russia and European countries
• Department of Landscape Geochemistry and Soil Geography: bus route Moscow-Gelendzhik; Ustyanskyi station
• Department of Land Hydrology: department station in Tregubovo; Krasnovidovo station; Elbrus station
• Department of Cartography and Geoinformation: Khibiny station; The Crimea
• Department of Cryolithology and Glaciology: Elbrus station; Tyumen
• Department of Meteorology and Climatology: Khibiny station
• Department of Oceanology: Station of Oceanology institute in Gelendzhik
• Department of Nature Management and Geoecology: the Crimea; Khibiny station
• Recreational Geography and International Tourism
• Department of Economic and Social Geography of Foreign Countries: bus route along the central and eastern regions of European Russia; Krasnoyarsk
• Department of Physical Geography and Landscape Studies: Ustyanskyi station – Tver region; Elbrus station
• Department of Physical Geography of the World and Geoecology: Khibiny station; the Crimea
• Department of Economic and Social Geography of Russia: Kozelsk; bus route along the central and southern regions of European Russia


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