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Field courses for first year students

Practical training of first-year students (9 weeks by the curriculum) takes place usually on the Satino station from 29th of may to 1st of august. It has a sustainable program of studies and includes 7 particular courses of different duration:

  • Topographic-geodesic – 18 days
  • Geomorphological – 10 days
  • Pedological – 6 days
  • Geobotanical – 6 days
  • Hydrological – 6 days
  • Meteorological – 6 days
  • Landscape – 6 days

Students of education program «Regional politics and Tourism» have also training on socio-economic geography.
All particular trainings have the same purpose – to make students understand the interconnection and interdependence of all environment components. The methodical base of all trainings is build according to this purpose. Every student group study in details one particular territory. First of all they investigate and analyze different components of the environment on this territory: geology aspects, soil cover, vegetation, microclimate, water bodies, - and construct (create) topical (subject) maps of the territory. Investigation of the landscape en bloc becomes a logical conclusion of the hole study. During every training students prepare some graphical materials and make written report.


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