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Satino teaching and research station

The station was organized in 1968 in Satino village, Borovsky raion,Kaluzhskaya oblast, to support the complex field training of the first-year students of the Faculty of Geography.

Teaching activities — methodological and organizational support of the complex field training for the first-year students and special field training for the students of various departments of the Faculty of Geography.

Research activities — study of the stratigraphy of loose sediments and of the Lower Cenozoic palaeogeography, analysis of the present-day structure of geosystems and their dynamics through the Pleistocene period, stationary observations of erosion processes on slopes and in river channels, long-term observations of snow cover and seasonally frozen grounds, elaboration of the teaching and research GIS «Satino» and its application in the process of training.

Main results of teaching and research activities. Methodology of the complex field training of the first-year students which embraces a number of special training courses — in topography, geology and geomorphology, soil science, geobotany, meteorology, hydrology and landscape science - has been elaborated and introduced into the teaching process of the faculty. Series of large-scale maps for the polygon territory were compiled. The results of studies served as a basis for more than 120 scientific publications and practical guides, 7 Ph.D. theses, thousands of diploma papers and essays.

Scientific mid academic ñontacts — field training for the students of other faculties of the Moscow University (Geology, Soil Science, etc.), collaboration with the Institute of Geography of the Russian Academy of Sciences, participation in the meeting on field training of students organized by the Ministry of Higher Education of the Russian Federation


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