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Krasnovidovo station

Krasnovidovo station (37°50` N, 55°35` E) – limnological studies. It was founded in 1945, and was used as place for complex geographical studies for a long period of time. Now according to curriculum second-year students of department of hydrology study on the station how to take measures on water bodies. Moreover the station welcomes also students of third and fourth-year of studying from different departments to accomplish their field-trips. It gives a base for great variety of hydrological and ecological investigations. The most challenging research trends are as follows:

  • Studying of different types of water movement such as currents, waves, interfusion;
  • Studying of water masses theory;
  • Investigation of physical, chemical and biological characteristics of water and their space-time structure (regime);
  • Studying of ecological conditions of water bodies.

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