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3rd PEEX Science Conference, 7th PEEX Meeting IIASA Workshop

Moscow, Russia, 19-22 September 2017

The goal of the 3rd Science Conference is to bring together professional and scientific experts under research themes related to atmosphere - land ecosystems - aquatic - anthropogenic activities - Northern societies in the Northern Eurasian region.
The 7th Meeting is aimed to take the next steps for implementation. The vision includes establishing and maintaining long-term, coherent and coordinated research activities, Pan-Eurasian in-situ observation networks, training and educational activities across the domain. The meeting will address these issues, as well as Modeling platform, international collaboration incl. ESFRI, GEOSS, , SAON, DBAR, U-Arctic, Future Earth, and funding opportunities.
IIASA Workshop Systems Analysis for the Arctic will increase understanding of multiple drivers of change including social, economic, technological, environmental, and geopolitical developments in the Arctic and globally for the wellbeing of the region.
Latest updates are available at: https://www.atm.helsinki.fi/peex/ & http://www.geogr.msu.ru/peex2017/

3rd Science Conference will focus on major challenges in the Arctic – boreal pristine and urban environments:

• Permafrost and consequencesof permafrost thawing
Structuralchanges in the ecosystems,Arctic greening
Atmospheric composition and chemistry
Aerosolsin Arctic environment
Urbanair quality, megacities., planetary boundary layer
Weather and atmospheric circulation
The Arctic Ocean, the Arctic maritime environments
Lakes, wetlands and large river systems in Siberian region
Silk Road -Digital Belt & Road
Arctic and high mountain cold regions
Natural hazards
Social transformations and changing climate
Biogeochemical cycles
IIASA session on Arctic through systems analysis

For more information please write us at: peex2017@gmail.com


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