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Department of Meteorology and Climatology

Founded in 1944 by Professor Boris Pavlovich Alissov.
In different years Department is headed by:
1944-1958 – Distinguished Scientist of the RSFSR, Professor B.P.Alissov,
1958-1973 – Honored Scientist of RSFSR Professor S.P. Khromov,
1973-1974 – Professor V.A. Bugaev,
1974-1981 – Associate Professor N.A. Myachkova,
1981-2005 – Honoured Scientist of the RSFSR, Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Emeritus of the University of Moscow, Professor M.A. Petrsyants.

Since 2005, the department is headed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, Professor Alexander V. Kislov.

Teaching and research staff
Kislov A.V. (Climatology, The Theory of Climate Change), Doctor of Geography
Semenov E.K. (Tropical Meteorology), Doctor of Geography
Trosnikov Ig.V (Dynamic Meteorology), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.
Rivin G.S. (General Circulation of the Atmosphere, Numerical Methods), Doctor of Physics and Mathematics.
Shulgin I.A. (Agroclimatology), Doctor of Geography.

Associate Professors:
Gushchina D.Y. (Synoptic Meteorology), PhD
Semenchenko B.A. (Physical Meteorology), PhD
Sokolikhina N.N. (Statistics in Meteorology), PhD
SorokinaV.N. (Climatic Mapping, The Global Climate), PhD
Surkova G.V. (Climatology, Atmospheric Chemistry), PhD

Leading scientists:
Chubarova N.E. (Ultraviolet radiation, Modeling the interaction with the cloud environment), Doctor of Geography
Eremina I.D. (Precipitation chemistry), PhD
Gorbarenko E.V. (Actinometry), PhD
Lokoshchenko M.A (Acoustic sounding of the atmosphere), PhD
Nezval E.I (Ultraviolet radiation), PhD
Shilovtseva O.A. (Photosynthetic radiation, Suhnlight), PhD

Senior researchers:
Alekseeva L.I. (Climates Russia, the meteorological aspects of air pollution), PhD Toropov P.A. (Climatology, Simulation of climate), PhD

Konstantinov P. I. (Climate of the city)
Stepanenko V.M. (Mezometeorology), PhD

Profile of graduates – meteorology and climatology.

Career opportunities
Most of our graduates are employed by the Russian Hydromet of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Energy, the Defense Ministry, Emergencies Ministry, the Ministry of Transport, Academy of Sciences.
They work in the scientific institutes in the groups of Environmental Management and Nature Protection, in institutes of the Russian Academy of Sciences, leading study of the atmosphere and ocean interaction, the climate and its future developments in civil aviation, energy, transport, in design and survey institutes, the weather bureau, farms, joint stock companies, firms and other organizations of all forms of ownership, in the higher and secondary educational institutions.

Main courses\Curriculum:
physical meteorology, dynamic meteorology, synoptic meteorology, climatology, climate theory, applied climatology, climate in Russia and abroad, the general circulation of the atmosphere, satellite meteorology, agro-meteorology, aerology, mezometeorology, tropical meteorology, atmospheric chemistry, meteorological environmental aspects.

Research divisions:
Educational and Research Division of the Department – Meteorological Observatory (headed by Leading Scientist EI Nezval) that performs both functions of meteorological observatory, educational and scientific base of the Faculty.

Fields of Research:the theory of climate, mesometeorological processes, tropical monsoon and El Niño - Southern Oscillation, precipitation in Russia and adjacent countries, preparation of regional atlases, the optical mode of the atmosphere and human factors, meteorology and climate of the megacity (on the example of Moscow), a study of the production process in plants.

Main accomplished research: A theory of palaeoclimate change is developed. Empirical model of El Niño - Southern oscillation is proposed. Based on observations of international experiments (GATE, FGGE, MONEKS) and of national expeditions (TROPEX-72, TROPEX-74, Monsoon-77) clouds and heat exchange in the tropics is studied, the tropical monsoons are explored. Comprehensive description of the climate of the Central region and Moscow is prepared. New meteorological tools have been developed.

Future research activities: Modeling of climate variations of regional scale, the study of interaction between the circulation of tropical and temperate latitudes, the predictability of Indian monsoon phases, the evaluation of natural and anthropogenic change of the climate of the city, the development of research methods and modeling of optical regime of the atmosphere, the study of the production process in plants of Nechernozemie region and other areas.

Scientific and educational contacts and communications. Our department collaborates with the Russian Hydrometeorological Center, Institutes of Russian Academy of Science (Institute of Geography, Institute of Atmospheric Physics, the Institute of Water Resources, the Institute of Numerical Mathematics, Institute of Oceanology), Moscow Center for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Control, Central Aerological Observatory, the All-Russian Research Institute of Hydrometeorological Information (World Data Center), Russian Scientific Centre "Kurchatov Institute".

International relations: Participation in international projects on climate modeling, the study of solar radiation and aerosols, the urban meteorology, tropical meteorology. undergraduate and graduate students of the Department participate in the European course for Atmospheric Research (France, Grenoble, the University J. Fourier). The Department of Meteorology and Climatology has a systematic exchange of meteorological information with the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts, with the Department of Climate of the World Meteorological Organization-ray, and participates in international congresses and symposia.

Major publications (2004-2010)
Abakumova G.M., Gorbarenko E.V. Transparency of the atmosphere in Moscow over the past 50 years and its the change in Russia.-M: LCI Publisher, 2008.

Kislov A.V., Evstigneev V.M., Malhazova S.M., Sokolihina N.N., Surkova G.V., Toropov P.A., Chernyshev A.V., Chumachenko A.N. Forecast of the climate resources over the East European Plain under global warming in 21 century. M.: MAKS Press, 2008.

Petrosyants M.A. Semenov E.K., Gushchina D.Y., Sokolihina N.N. Sokolihina E.V. Atmosphere circulation in the tropics: climate and variability. - Moscow: MAKS Press, 2005.

Current global environmental changes. In 2 vols. - Moscow: Scientific World, 2006.

Reference book on eco-climatic characteristics of Moscow. Ed..A.A.Isaev. Volume 1 and 2. Moscow: Faculty of Geography Moscow State University, 2003, 2005.


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