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Department of Geomorphology and Paleogeography

Founded in 1944 by professor Ivan S. Schukin on the initiative of K.K.Markov, future full member of the USSR Academy of Sciences.
In different years the department was headed by:
1944-1962 – prof. I.S.Schukin, the author of a unique 3-volume review on general geomorphology;
1962-1986 – prof. O.K.Leontiev, the world-known specialist in marine geology and geomorphology;
1986-1990 – prof. L.G.Nikiforov, specialist in coastal geomorphology;
1990-2010 – prof. G.A.Safianov, a well-known researcher in coastal and submarine geomorphology.
Since 2010, the department is headed by Doctor of Geographical Sciences, professor Andrei V. Bredikhin. Today, the department includes 42 workers including 9 professors, 6 associate professors, 20 members of research staff.

Teaching and research staff

G.S.Ananiev (tectonic geomorphology, geomorphological hazards)
S.I.Bolysov (fluvial, biogenic, urban geomorphology)
A.V.Bredikhin (glacial, recreational geomorphology)
E.P.Dubinin ((tectonic geomorphology)
E.I.Ignatov (coastal geomorphology)
G.A.Safyanov (coastal geomorphology)
A.A.Lukashov (planetary and tectonic geomorphology, mineral prospecting)
Ju.G.SImonov (theoretical and engineering geomorphology, mineral prospecting, geomorphological mapping)
G.I.Rychagov (climatic geomorphology, Quaternary palaeogeography, Caspian region)

Associate Professors:
Ju.R.Belyaev (fluvial and applied geomorphology)
O.A.Borsuk (fluvial geomorphology, geoecology)
V.A.Kostomakha (climatic geomorphology, placer prospecting)
O.N.Leflat (Quaternary palaeogeography)
A.V.Panin (Fluvial geomorphology, Quaternary palaeogeography, geoarchaeology)
I.S.Voskresenskiy (Cenozoic palaeogeomorphology, placer prospecting)

Assistant professors:
A.L.Gurinov (weathering, Quaternary palaeogeography)

Leading scientists:
S.A.Lukianova (marine and coastal geomorphology)
V.I.Myslivets (theoretical and marine geomorphology)
F.A.Romanenko (polar geomorphology)
L.A.Zhindarev (coastal geomorphology)

Senior researchers:
V.A.Alekseeva (palaeogeomorpholgy, mineralogy)
S.I.Antonov (climatic- and palaeogeomorphology)
E.N.Badiukova (coastal geomorphology, Caspian region)
A.A.Derkach (biogeomorphology, applied geomorphology)
E.A.Eremenko (fluvial and applied geomorphology
V.V.Frol' (marine geomorphology)
Ju.N.Fuzeina (fluvial geomorphology)
E.V.Garankina (polar geomorphology)
I.A.Karevskaya (palynology, Quaternary palaeogeography)
T.Ju.Repkina (coastal and tectonic geomorphology)
L.M.Shipilova (marina and coastal geomorphology)
T.Ju.Simonova (urban geomorphology)
G.D.Soloviova (marine and coastal geomorphology)

V.A.Ulianov (geomorphometry, geoarchaeolog)
E.D.Sheremetskaya (lithological methods in geomorphology, climatic geomorphology)
G.A.Postolenko (fluvial geomorphology, placer prospection)

Profile of graduates – geomorphology and physical geography.

Career opportunities
Department graduates are employed by geological prospecting, geoengineering and geoecological companies, federal ministries (Natural Resources, Emergency), Academy of Sciences, higher and secondary educational institutions.

Main courses\Curriculum:
geomorphological techniques, methods of palaeogeographical studies, the Pleistocene, process geomorphology, tectonic geomorphology, planetary geomorphology, GIS and remote sensing in geomorphology, marine and coastal geomorphology, ecological geomorphology

Fields of Research: geomorphological mapping, process (mainly glacial and fluvial) geomorphology, marine and coastal geomorphology, planetary geomorphology, regional geomorphology, geomorphological techniques in mineral prospection, engineering geomorphology, recreational geomorphology, ecological geomorphology, Quaternary palaeogeography, geoarchaeology,

Major monographs (2000-2015)
Safyanov G.A. Geoecology of the oceanic coastal zone. Moscow, Geography Faculty MSU. 2000. 155 p. (in Russian)

Ignatov E.I. Coastal morphosystems. Moscow-Smolensk: Madgenta Publ. 2004. 351 p.

Ignatov E.I. Morphostructural analysis of sea coasts. Moscow: Faculty of Geography MSU. 2006. 346 p.

Bolysov S.I. Biogeomorphology of continents. Vol.1. Evolution. GEOS, 2006. 270 p. Vol.2. Zonality. GEOS, 2007. 466 p.

Simonov Ju.G., Bolysov S.I. Geomorphological methods: Methodology. Moscow: Aspect-Press. 2002. 190 p.

Simonov Ju.G. Geomorphology: Methodology of fundamental studies. S.-Petersburg: Piter. 2005. 427 p.

Ananiev G.A., Bredikhin A.V. Geomorphology of continents. Moscow" Knizniy Dom. 2008. 347 p.

Safyanov G.A. Geosystem of the oceanic coastal zone. Moscow: MSU Press. 2006.

Bredikhin A.V. Recreational-geomorphological systems. Smolensk: Oykumena. 2010, 320 p.

Bolysov S.I. (ed.). Ecological geomorphology: Key issues. Moscow, Faculty of Geography MSU. 2014.

Panin A.V. Palaeogeographical techniques: Quaternary geochronology. Moscow, Faculty of Geography MSU. 2014. 116 p.

Eremenko E.A., Panin A.V. Hollow mesotopography of the East European Plain. Moscow: MIROS, 2010. 192 p.

Leflat O.N. Palaeogeography of the Pleistocene. Moscow, Faculty of Geography MSU. 2009.

Sudakova N.G., Antonov S.I., Vvedenskaya A.I., Gunova V.S., Karpukhin S.S., Kostomakha V.A., Nemtsova G.M., Rychagov G.I., Faustov S.S. Reconstruction of the Middle Neopleistocene palaeogeographical events in the centre of the Russian Plain. Moscow, Faculty of Geography MSU. 2008. 167 p.

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