Faculty of geography
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Teaching and research staff

Konishchev V.N. (Paleogeography, Cryogenesis), Doctor of Geography
Rogov V.V. (Cryogenesis), Doctor of Geography

Associate Professors:
Volodicheva N.A. (Glaciology, Avalanches, Recreational glaciology), PhD
Grebenets V.I. (Geotechnics, Engineering geocryology, Cities on permafrost), PhD
Popovnin V.V. (Mass-balance Glaciology, Evolution of glaciosphere), PhD, Expert in World Glacier Monitoring Service
Streletskaya I.D. (Marine and continental permafrost, Paleogeograpy), PhD

Leading scientists:
Badu Y.B. (Cryolithogenesis, Cryolithogenesis of Western Siberia), PhD
Zotova L.I. (Geoecology of cryolithozone, Cryoecological mapping), PhD
Oleinikov A.D. (Avalanche danger, Snow cover evolution in mountains), PhD
Tumel N.V. (Temperature regime of permafrost, Active layer dynamics, Geoecology of Cryolithozone), PhD
Shpolyanskaya N.A. (Permafrost dynamics and Global Climate Change, Massive ground ice, History of the coastal and marine cryolithozone), Doctor of Geography

Senior researchers:
Kizyakov A.I. (Morpholithodynamics of Arctic plains, Coastal and landslide dynamics), PhD
Kovalenko N.V. (Small glaciers and glacial forms, Glaciological monitoring), PhD
Petrakov D.A. (Catastrophic glacial processes, Mass-balance glaciology), PhD

Ivanov M.N. (The cryosphere of Polar Urals, Paleoglaciology, Paleoreconsrtuctions), PhD
Koroleva N.I. (Cryoecological mapping), PhD

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