Faculty of geography
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The structure of the Faculty of Geography comprises 3 main profiles: the Ecological-Geographical profile, the Economical-Geographical profile; the Hydrometeorological profile. There are 15 departments inside. Each Department houses education offered by the faculty. Also Research at the faculty is organised into the research groups of the Departments.

Geography is one of the base sciences that are devoted to the problem of interaction between society and environment. During recent years some integrative trends were in progress in geography, and that can be explain by following reasons:
• Development of geo-ecology as a response to increasing anthropogenic impact on environment
• Interdisciplinary features of such branches as environmental impact audit, engineering and environmental impact assessment
• Rising interest to problems of global and regional changes of environment and climate
• Appearance of GIS-technologies and scientific basis of sustainable development and nature management

A new structure of geographical science has developed on the faculty under the influence of these modern trends. There are fifteen specialized departments on the faculty each of which is fully formed research center presented by prominent specialists and well-known scientists. Every department has connections with general and particular branches of geography.


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