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Conference scientific tour

Conference scientific tour will be held on August 30th and will take all day. There are several excursion points, which will be interesting for hydrology and soil scientific audience. They are described below.

Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya moraine ridge

Forest zone of the central part of European Russia to the north from Moscow is area with long agricultural activity on the relatively steep slopes of Klinsko-Dmitrovskaya moraine ridge. Different types of soil erosion (sheet, rill , ephemeral gully etc.) are observed on the cultivated lands in this part of the Central Russia. Erosion processes are observed during spring snow-melting in the end of March – beginning of April and after heavy rain-storms during warm part of year (May – September). However, since the 1991 proportion of cultivated lands had considerably reduced in the forest zone of the Russian Plain mainly due to economical reason. It is lead to the serious reduction of the total soil losses and to increasing forested area. Results of long-term monitoring of soil erosion, quantitative assessment of the soil erosion rates and consequences of the cultivated land reduction will be discussed during field excursion.

Moscow water supply system

Almost 80 years passed from the termination of construction Moskva-Volga canal. Then and now this artificial waterway is the biggest in Russia, linking Moscow to the Volga River at Ivankovo, north of Moscow. Built between 1932 and 1937, the canal replaced the canalized Moskva River, which can take only small craft, as the main water access to Moscow. Along the Moscow Canal’s length of 80 miles (128 km) there are 11 locks. Thanks to the Canal, Moscow has access to five seas: the White Sea, Baltic Sea, Caspian Sea, Sea of Azov, and the Black Sea. This is why Moscow is the “port of the five seas” just as New York is a “big apple”.

During this excursion, you’ll be able to visit hydropower installations and river terminals which are the architectural monuments of Soviet Period.


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