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The organizing committee offers you an accommodation in hotels listed below.
Please Note: Due to the current situation with accommodation in Moscow, please make your reservations in advance. Reservation deadline is August 11, 2018, after this date you will be able to make a reservation but without any guarantee of your first choice.

Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel ****

Hotel address: Moscow, Europe Square 2
Hotel reservaion is available:
- via Hotel website: https://www.radissonblu.com/en/slavyanskayahotel-moscow
- via Hotel reservation department: reservations.moscow@radisson-hotels.ru
- via telephone call: +7 495 941 8020, 3200
Promotional code: IYFSWC (Booking will be available since the beginning of 2018).

The nearest metro station: "Kievskaya" (300m).
How to get to the Conference venue: Take a metro train from "Kievskaya" station up to "Universitet" or "Lomonosovskiy Prospect" stations.
Convenient location gives easy access to Moscow’s historic attractions, culture venues, entertainment and shopping.

Available facilities: bathroom, conditioner, mini bar, TV, telephone, hair-drier, safety box.
Buffet Breakfast: included
Check-in at 14:00, check-out at 12:00

Room Category

Price per night including VAT (in Rubles),

Monday - Thursday

Price per night including VAT (in Rubles),

Friday - Sunday

Single standard

7 906

4 956

Twin standart

9 086

6 136

Hotel Korston ****

Promotional code: IYFSWC
Hotel address: Moscow, Kosygina str., 15
Hotel website: https://club.korston.ru/booking/en/
The nearest metro stations: "Leninskiy prospect", "Universitet" and "Vorobievy Gory". How to get from metr stations: take a taxi (Uber service is available) or public transport.
The hotel complex "Ęorston" represents a vast range of facilities including restaurant and bars, comfortable hotel rooms with international first class service. The complex also has extensive office space, independent station and high speed internet lines.

In room available: bathroom, conditioner, mini bar, TV, telephone, hair-drier, fridge.
Buffet Breakfast: included
Check-in at 14:00, check-out at 12:00

  Room Category 

  Price per night including VAT (in Rubles):


6 000


8 500


9 000


8 000


9 000


9 500


11 000


13 000


13 000

Hotel Salut ****

Promotional code: IYFSWC
Hotel address: Moscow, Leninskiy prosp., 158
Hotel website: http://www.hotelsalut.ru/en/
The nearest metro stations: "Yugo-Zapadnaya".
How to reach the place where the conference is held: Take a train from "Yugo-Zapadnaya" metro stations up to «Universitet» metro station.

To book rooms at special price You have to send a letter to an email: service@hotelsalut.ru  which includes promo-code « IYFSWC»
BOOKING DEPARTMENT CONTACTS: (+7495)234-92-52  (from 9 a.m to 9 p.m)
Or using link on the website the Hotel Salut http://www.hotelsalut.ru/en/booking/  
1) Enter your check-in and check-out dates
2) Choose the option «I have a promotional code»  and enter promoword IYFSWC
3) Push the button «Check availability»

Prices (regarding using promo-code):

  Room Category 
 Price per night including VAT (in Rubles): 
  Double Standard 

3 700

  Twin Standard

3 900

  Single Comfort

3 700

  Twin Comfort

4 300

  Double Comfort

4 500

Cheaper accommodation

If you would prefer more cost-effective options, variety of hostels are available nearby the Venue:
1) Country Hostel https://www.countryhostel.ru/euglavnaya
2) Netizen Hostel http://moscow.netizenhostels.com/en/
3) Hostel Univer http://hostel-univer.ruhotel.su/

More options can be found on Booking website


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